Login to the internet platform

Dear colleagues,

If you are signing in for the first time, please type into the user field country code+personal number and into the password field use the same (country code+personal number)

It will appear as following:
user: cz123456 (country code+personal number)
password: cz123456 (country code+personal number)

Please change your password after your first sign in into the application.

If you have trouble with application, please contact local administrators:
• HU: Noriko Toth, HU_TANULASIUT@tesco.com
• PL: Sabina Kulej, sabina.kulej@tesco.com
• CZ: Lucie Hromasová, cz_trenink@tesco.com
• SK: Alexandra Szafianová, sk_trening@tesco.com